Green Future Waste Water Treatment Systems

Green Future waste water treatment units satisfy the highest ecological requirements, and require very little electricity

With lower installation costs and maintenance expenses, the biologically treated water can be reused because of the high quality of the effluent.

Ease of Installation

The Green Future plant can be Installed and commissioned within 1 working day
Wastewater treatment starts the moment the plant is started (no down time)
2.Mechanical treatment
3.Anaerobic fermentation zone
4.Denitrification zone
7.Final clarification zone
8.Air distribution panel
9.Air blower
10.Air distribution panel
11.Flow regulator

Green Future Waste Water Treatment Systems - Key Benefits:

High-performance, removes nitrogen and phosphorus
Uses no chemical substances
No offensive odour given off Insensitive to peak flows
Low power consumption (4PE uses 208 kWh/per annum)
Low generation of excess sludge (1 cub. m./per annum of excess sludge 4PE)
Occupies less space and spoils no aesthetic scenery, making the most of the available space
Easy-to-use, cost-effective installation and maintenance Can be left free of wastewater for 30 days +, great for planning long-term trips and holidays
Can operate under any weather conditions – due to the biological processes running in the plant, the contents of the tanks do not freeze even under a very low temperature
Conforms to the highest ecological standards and produces no impact on nature
The water treated in Green Future wastewater treatment plants could be reused as service water