Homes designed and built to the Government's new definition of zero carbon
Zero Carbon Homes Explained

Homes designed for ordinary people

The construction of zero carbon homes takes into account surrounding environment which maximises daylight and encourage a sustainable lifestyle

They use green technology solutions namely wood pellet boilers, air source heat pumps and solar panels as opposed to reliance on oil and gas

They are the future of house building

The Government's new definition of a zero carbon home is a home that has zero net emissions from all energy used over one year. This means that energy needed for heating, lighting, hot water and all electrical appliances in the house, such as TVs and computers, must be obtained from renewable sources

Benefits To Homeowner

Zero carbon for similar to your current build costs

Zero carbon builds are generally more expensive to build due to the complexity of the construction detailing and the rigorous air tightness requirements. Green Future dramatically reduces the build cost due to the simple Green Future system.

80% reduction in heating requirements

Innovative design and construction techniques including superior performance building fabric, MVHR and quality triple glazing PVC windows in a Green Future home will reduce your heating requirements by up to nearly 80%.

Full design flexibility  - any building any shape

Our design team will incorporate any design, shape or style of architectural drawings into our 3D modelling system and deliver a custom made package incorporating all the key zero carbon values of our build system to you.

Reduced energy demand

The Green Future system dramatically reduces energy demand. Your home will use 10 times less energy compared to a traditional home.

A home constructed 5 times faster

The simplicity of the Green Future system allows for fast on-site erection. A home built five times faster than a traditional home. 

Sustainable materials from a fully certified supply chain

All materials used are from a fully certified supply chain. Our partnerships and supply chains are important to us. 

Heat and power your home for up to 77% less

The Green Future system means your home can be heated and powered by over 70 per cent less than a traditional home. £300 a year to heat, power and light a 5 bedroom 3100sq ft Green Future home.

Performance tested

We commissioned Ulster University to independently performance test the Green Future system. Stringent air tightness and thermal imaging tests prove the Green Future system provides a 77% increase in thermal performance compared to a traditional house.

Self sufficient

Homeowners are not at the hands of volatile as no reliance on oil or gas.

Reversed CO2 emissions

Green Future homes produce negative C02 emissions. Your home will produce at least as much energy as it uses. Export your unused electricity andearn money through the Government Renewable Obligation Certificate Scheme. 

Eliminate allergens

The Green Future system provides climate neutral, comfortable places to live  - no dust, pollen or pollutants and you can use it to remove odours and moisture.

Intuitive comfort controls

Smart, intuitive temperature controls. Control the temperature in your home to suit your needs. 

Bio waster water systems

Green Future waste water treatment systems do not require percolation, no harm chemicals are used, uses very little electricity, sludge suitable for fertiliser and water can be reused.

Very efficient

A Green Future home is 8 times more efficient than 2006 UK Building Regulations.


Smart walls

The building envelope specification delivers high levels of thermal insultation and air-tightness, so your home will only need to heated a couple of months in mid-winter.


Economically sound Green Future homes are economically sound with an excellent resale value and considered a best value proposition.
Benefits To The Environment


Green Future homes have no reliance on fossil fuels

A home that produces more energy that it uses - Green Future homes produce negative C02 emissions

They are eight times more efficient than 2006 UK Building Regulations 

The homes have two times less heating demand compared to maximum called by The Zero Carbon Hub

The Green Future biological waste water treatment system uses very little electricity, does not require percolation, no harmful chemicals are used with water that can be resused and sludge suitable for fertiliser

Future proof homes, with a long life expectancy, needing little maintainance and demand a whole lot less of our environment

A Home For The Future

The UK government is committed to sustainable growth and the green agenda. This is demonstrated through various legally binding targets and standards, from which the Climate Change Act 2008 (CCA) is considered one of the most important. The Act mandates an 80% reduction in CO2 from the 1990 levels, which are used as a baseline, by 2050.

Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) target for all new buildings in the EU to be ‘Nearly Zero-Energy Buildings’ from 2020.

The benefits of delivering highly energy efficient homes are; helping to reduce fuel bills for consumers, providing a more comfortable living environment, reducing the impact of buildings on the natural environment, and stimulating the better use of available energy resources.

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