Construction Students Embrace Zero Carbon Concept With Green Future House

May 2015

A group of construction students paid a visit to the Green Future House as part of their studies on green building regulations. 14 Year 14 students from The Royal School Armagh and St Patrick's Grammar School Armagh quickly got to grips with the award winning innovative CO2 negative ecosystem developed by Green Future. John McClatchey, spokesman and director for Green Future, said it was great to see construction students embracing a smarter way to build.

He said: "The Government has sustainability at the heart of house building for the next decade and beyond, homes built in the future will all have to be built to zero carbon standards, we are ahead as we are building future-proof homes right now. Green Future is the forerunner for what is to come and what the industry needs is a skilled workforce armed with sustainable techniques expertise to support  sustainable home building, which is a key driver in green energy economy"

One St Patrick's Grammar School, Armagh teacher who led the cross-community construction studies field trip to the Green Future House said the concept and the people behind this house is "inspirational."