Minister Inspects Green Future Waste Water System That Could Help Solve Percolation Challenges In Ireland

September 2012

Zero Carbon Homes builder Green Future who’s portfolio of services also includes consultation, supply and installation of leading innovative biological waste water treatment systems for domestic, commercial and industrial use welcomed Irish Minister for Environment Phil Hogan T.D to its zero carbon house in Armagh. The Minister there to explore the innovative sustainable biological waste water treatment plant used in the home that could help solve Ireland's percolation challenges.

The waste water treatment system integrated into the Green Future House is highly environmentally friendly and it doesn't require a soakaway percolation area thus addressing a major challenge Irish Government faces due to a shortage of percolation areas and water pollution.

Minister Hogan T.D who is charge of policies for the water and sanitation sector within the Executive in Dublin commended the Northern Ireland firm on its innovative system. 

Green Future Waste Water Treatment Plants pertinently address the concerns the Irish Government face in terms of percolation water pollution, what is surprising though is that this Northern Ireland company is leading the way and able to provide sustainable green technology to address these key issues in Ireland.

The ‘Green Future House’ Northern Ireland’s first zero carbon house which encompasses this near zero carbon biological waste water treatment plant is highly environmentally efficient. The first of its kind ever installed on the island of Ireland, the Green Future Waste Water Treatment Plant does not require a percolation area or soak-away and importantly the water is reused twice in the ‘Green Future House’. Absolutely no harmful chemicals are used or produced with the sludge suitable for fertiliser.

Green Future NI has secured sole distribution rights in Northern Ireland for planning, installation and servicing of these CE Approved plants. Green Future NI has the plant technology available to facilitate single domestic units, large scale housing developments, industry and can even facilitate waste produced by towns.

With Northern Ireland Minister for Environment Alex Attwood MLA addressing delegates at this year’s Environment Ireland®, (Ireland’s major annual conference on environmental policy and management) which will take place 12th September 2012. Organised in association with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Minister Hogan’s Department of Environment, Community and Local Government in Dublin, the conference will in effect address agendas such as water reform, green energy technology and waste management.

Green Future NI managing director John McClatchey is looking forward to the event. “This is a great opportunity for Green Future NI to showcase our cost-effective, highly viable and environmentally friendly near carbon zero waste water treatment plants to potential customers and various stakeholders, it was a great pleasure and proud moment for Green Future having Minister Hogan visit the ‘Green Future House’ to view the installation of our leading innovative waste water treatment plant, we are proud to be the first company in the whole of Ireland that offers such innovative green technology that will make a positive impact to quality of life addressing waste water management”.

The Irish Government announced new rules on septic tanks which will oblige homeowners to make sure they are working properly and not polluting water. Over 400,000 homeowners in Ireland who have a septic tank or waste-water treatment system need to register their system by 1st February 2013 or face a fine up to €5,000. This new legislation highlights necessary steps being taken by the Irish Government to tackle water pollution issues.

 Fact Box

• Cost-effective • High standard of effluent • No harmful chemicals used • Sludge is suitable for fertilizer • Uses very little electricity • No impact on the vernacular