Green Future Moves Towards Passive

Our insulation system surrounds the part of the building touched by the ground and serves as a foundation. The building insulation above ground continues uninterrupted from the edge of the insulation system.


Continuous, all-round insulation – without energy-consuming thermal bridges. At the same time protects the construction against moisture and mould growth.

The Insulated Raft is a modular system that can be precisely adapted to the various planning requirements and individual architectures. A system which impresses down to the last detail:

Installation safety ensured by pyramid-shaped lug design

o Minimun cut-off
o Fast laying
o Form-fit
o Construction free from thermal bridges
Angular tolerance


Intelligent, complete insulation

Masonry             Timber frame           ICF elements

The pyramid-shaped button profile provides unique advantages compared to smooth insulating panels. The individual components cannot shift during either installation or concreting and thus form a stable shutter. The patented structure also increases the stability of the building. Force resulting, for example, from ground pressure on one side of the building can be transmitted into the subsoil via theinsulating foundation.

The special shape of the edge pieces enables both a thermal bridge-free transition to the adjoining walls as well as sealing according to DIN 18195-4.