Performance Tested

We began with our Green Future® home, Northern Ireland’s first Government accredited zero carbon home, where over a 12 month period, we commissioned Ulster University to undertake a programme of performance testing and monitoring.


The results speak for themselves...

"The Green Future House provides for approximately a 77 per cent improvement  in thermal performance compared to a traditional house built to the minimum building regulations mandatory requirements". - Ulster University, Centre for Sustainable Technologies 

Quality Workmanship

"This infra-red image illustrates  the infra-red thermography plots which are used to display  surface temperature variations  that  provide information about  the underlying structure.  The continuity  of insulation across the walls and fabric of the ICF construction is apparent and this contributes to minimal energy leakage. The bridge and joins between ICF fabric and windows is also well maintained.  This would indicate a high degree of insulation and good workmanship particularly in these areas.  The windows appear to show low levels of energy leakage and this contributes to minimal losses."  

- Ulster University Centre for Sustainable Technologies