The Green Future System


Technologies and techniques 

Biomass boiler

The biomass boiler provides hot water and space heating in winter, fuelled by wood pellets

Photovoltaic (PV) array

PV panels capture energy from the sun to provide electricity to the whole house. Any surplus is sold back to the grid

Solar thermal panels

The panels generate all the hot water in summer and some in spring, and autumn, reducing the demand on the biomass boiler and the amount of wood used, keeping costs to a bare minimum

Building envelope

Utilising the NRG Block Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) wall system, the construction method provides the highest level of thermal efficiency and air tightness

Building fabric

For code level 6, the mandatory heat loss parameter standard is very high, placing more demands on the buildings envelope  and how it operates with the homes technologicial systems 


The building envelope specification delivers high levels of thermal insulation and air-tightness, so your home will only need to be heated a couple months in mid-winter

Smart metering & monitoring

A smart meter records energy consumption, to help occupants to identify any wastage and to promote more environmentally aware lifestyles

Water management

The Green Future waste water treatment systems uses very little electricity, requires no percolation and because no chemicals are used, sludge is suitable for fertiliser

Electricity and glazing

Appliances A++, and low energy technology lighting used throughout with LED. Triple glazing PVC windows U-Value 0.70 / RSI1.43